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keg washers

Engineered to optimize efficiency for small teams.

Designed and built in North America.

Covered under warranty

Made with high quality stainless steel

Compatible with all standard keg sizes

Reclaim lost time

Reduce bottlenecks in your craft beverage operations by automating your keg cleaning process. Specialized Stainless keg washers are simple to install and easy to use, so anyone in your organization can be trained to clean kegs in minutes.

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Improve Efficiency

  • Multi-step cleaning process cycles automatically, saving you time and reduces labour costs.
  • 5 minute wash time allows brewers to wash between 12 – 48 kegs per hour (depending on model).
  • Element-Shutoff feature ensures that the heating element will only power on if there is water in the tank, eliminating unexpected element burn-out.

Easy to operate

  • Intuitive touch-screen controls for simple operation.
  • Semi-Automatic system saves time and ensures consistent cleaning process. Connect dirty kegs, push the start button, and walk away.
  • Pre-programmed wash cycles run automatically from start to finish.

Flexible Options

  • Available in 1-head, 2-head, and 4-head models to suit your production needs.
  • Available in 120V or 240V power configuration for hassle-free installation.
  • Modular design for easy installation of spare parts.
  • Casters give you mobility and flexibility to operate in any space.
  • Interactive user interface allows you to customize cycle settings to suit the demands of your business.

Find out what our clients say about us

Hear what people are saying about Specialized Stainless Solutions.

As a self-funded, our keg washer was one of the most expensive things we had ever purchased, so it had to be right. Eric and the team were incredibly knowledgeable and patient making the choice an easy one.We also appreciated a made-in-Canada machine with support and spares just a phone-call away.

Andy Paul Co-Founder, Two Blokes Cider Inc.

We had gotten quotes from all over North America for a keg washer for our brewery. No one had gotten back to us as quickly as Specialized Stainless Solutions did! The level of customer service and personal touch of a phone call to discuss both our quote and needs was especially great. Been running our two head keg washer since we opened and love how easy it is to use, plus it does a great job!

Mich HinceHead Brewer, Side Kick Brewing

Our Specialized Stainless Solutions keg washer reduced wash time from 20 minutes per keg to 2 kegs in 5 minutes. The well thought out, practical, and economical design is coupled with extremely helpful customer/technical service after the sale.

Ed Fahs Business Partner, Wellsville Brewing Company

At VK Brewing, we really love the 2-head keg washer from Specialized Stainless. It does a great job and makes the job of cleaning kegs very easy. The company has been great to work with whenever we’ve had any questions about using the washer, and provided us with great documents and support. We highly recommend this keg washer to any brewery.

Jason Van KeurenCo-owner and Head Brewer, VK Brewing Co. & Eatery

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